Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Jeremy bustin' out a solid tempo DL
Diana lookin' strong from the GO!
The 15 individuals in the STRICTLY STRENGTH program have already made huge strides towards improved form and technique, understanding of why we do things a specific way, and more confidence under large loads...and it's only been 2 weeks!  It's been awesome watching people improve so quickly...and I am pumped to see the final results of the group!!!

This rapid progression is due to several important factors, but the #1 has to be the smaller group setting in which each person receives more attention while performing the movements.  In smaller groups the individuals are also able to see and hear what ques and pointers I give to the others in that group, which allows them to "take in" this info in yet another way.  It is powerful stuff when you combine a little more time, smaller numbers, and the details!!!
 Although the progress has already been substantial, it brings me to the point of this blog:
You have to apply the things you are taught, even when the coach is not watching!!!
This goes for everyone looking to improve in anything!!!
If you spend the time to learn a skill - CrossFit or otherwise - It is to your benefit that you take the new-found knowledge, and APPLY IT TO ALL APPLICABLE INSTANCES.

Mary drivin' the knees open for a great LB Squat!
I'm sure this is pretty straight-forward for y'all, but a simple example would be the back squat.  If I teach you all the fine details of a "perfect" back squat, as your coach, I want you to practice that skill every chance you get!  This will only accelerate your adoption of quality, efficient movement, and erase the faulted form you practiced prior to being enlightened.
Practice makes Perfect.


  1. Totally agree Travis! I have taken several steps back slowed it down and working on form, in the long run it will make me better:)

    You are an awesome coach, I have thought that from day one! Keep doing what you are doing.

  2. "You have to apply the things you are taught, even when the coach is not watching!!!"

    I have always believed those athletes who truly excel when the world is watching only do so because they truly excel when no one is watching. Practice like you play - play like you practice.