Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strictly Strength Success v3.0

Another 8 week STRICTLY STRENGTH PROJECT session has come to a close, and as expected, there has been widespread strength gains!  This group was pretty rock-solid from the beginning, but with some technique and positioning changes they were throwing old PR's out of the window!  I have to be honest here, though...I really could care less if the individuals that sign up for the PROJECT improve their PR's.  Sure, that is a great feeling, and that is what draws people in to the program, but I am more concerned with laying a solid foundation of picture-perfect mechanics and technique!  Notice I said "Foundation".  That is exactly what I intended.  You cannot become freakishly STRONG if your foundation is weak and crumbly.  The 8 week SSPROJECT is all about forgetting what you think you know, and simply building your strength game from the ground up.  I promise, the results later down the road will be well worth the time spend laying the foundation.

Jessica Clarke
BS 175-->180
SP 75-->80
DL 205-->205

Emily Baker
BS 195-->225
SP 95-->100
DL 235-->270

Nyki Helmcamp
BS 185-->195
SP 90-->90
DL 220-->220

Esther Davis
BS 185-->195
SP 80-->85
DL 230-->255

Randy Green
BS 275-->285
SP 160-->165
DL 395-->405

Joe Sanford
BS 255-->265
SP 160-->165
DL 335-->345

Elisa Sander
BS 135-->155
SP 70-->80
DL 140-->160

Steve Henry
BS 295-->315
SP 145-->145
DL 275-->335

Jeff Horwitz
BS 175-->195
SP 105-->120
DL 235-->255

Brian South
BS 295-->355
SP 140-->160
DL 365-->425

Jason Day
BS 195-->200
SP 135-->150
DL 245-->275

Davianne Duarte
BS 145-->160
SP 70-->70
DL 200-->225 

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