Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gettin' STRONG and having FUN doing it!!!

People don't really know what to expect from the Strictly Strength Project or the Strictly Strength Class when they sign up.  Most of the time, the individuals that sign up for these programs are CrossFitters looking to get really strong so that they're able to perform all WODs as Rx'd, and/or their already Rx'd times improve.  Both Strictly Strength programs deliver that result, but the one aspect that is truly unique and beneficial is that very rarely do we time any SWOD(StrengthWOD) efforts.  That is to say that we do not perform our SWOD's "For Time".  
This seemingly minute difference is what makes Strictly Strength so potent.  It is completely different from CrossFit, but yet it makes you a better, stronger CrossFitter.  In this way, Strictly Strength programs are the perfect supplement to the CrossFit athlete's repertoire, and prevents both mental and physical over-training.  Simply put...We mix it up so that you get massive strength gains, and have fun doing it!!!

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