Monday, March 7, 2011

Holley's Hellions Dominate In the Gym and Out

Jeff K, Jeff H, Elma, Frost, O'dea, Mary, Morgan(not pictured: Diego and Brian)
This weekend, the I Am CrossFit challenge wrapped up.  For 8 weeks, athletes committed themselves to additional workouts, skill workshops, and super-dialed-in nutrition in an effort to transform their lives through well-being.  The final results for all participants will be posted on CrossFit Central's mainsite very soon, but I can confidently say that the results will be staggering!

As far as my experience as an I AM coach, I must say, this was the most enjoyable challenge yet!  My Hellions(team name) were extremely motivated, easy to coach, and were very dedicated to the success of not only themselves, but of each of their team members.  This cohesion was what made this challenge for me!  It was also what helped them achieve the amazing results they did.

Once the finale was all said and done, the Hellions went to 24 Diner to continue the domination.  Although Diego was the MVP(very deserving)during the challenge, I must say that Jeff Morgan was the Post-season MVP.  The chicken and waffles that Jeff ordered stood no chance!  It. Was. Awesome! a few.  Everyone wanted to be a Hellion.
Congratulations to all Hellion members!  You guys were awesome to coach, and I wish you all the best as you continue forward with your success.

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