Saturday, March 19, 2011

Check Your Circles

Did y'all know that you can tell a lot about a person by the circles they run in?  I'm sure that that makes sense to you all, but sometimes we forget this simple law of attraction.  

This law has major influence on every aspect of our lives - your profession, your financial standing, your spiritual well-being, your physical wellness, etc - they're all dictated by your environment.  Now, the tough part for humans is to ask the question: 

Is my environment optimal for my success in life?  Or, is it just comfortable?

If you haven't noticed, we don't like to be least the majority of people don't.  There is a select minority in this world that are very comfortable with being uncomfortable, and they are stronger because of their choice to push past physical limitations and mental barriers.

The dedicated members of CrossFit Central, CrossFit Central @ RunTex, and the beasts of RedBlack Gym seek out discomfort as a daily test.  They test their will against some of the most intense and demanding physical conditions everyday during their workouts.  This may sound crazy to some of you...and that's fine.  It's not for everyone.  But, consider this....

How would your life change? 
How would YOU change if you entered OUR circle and made it YOURS?


  1. Finding people who are like you with similar goals is a time consuming task in itself gotta be around what your shooting for.

  2. Exactly! If you wanna make gotta hang around people making 6-figures+. If you want a 500# back squat...hang out with people squatting 500+ pounds. Law of Attraction!