Monday, April 26, 2010

When things get tough, what do you do?

This is an expansive question with countless variables and infinite outcomes. In some instances it is an easy question to answer. The answer is to adapt, persevere, and overcome.

This is usually how I storm through barriers, but there are some situations that prove impassable. In order to reach your life's destination(if we ever really reach it?), the path must be re-routed.

Once upon a time, the direction you were headed seemed bright and exciting, and you went racing down the path. But it may have become dark, rocky, slippery, and cold. The speed and enthusiasm at which you traveled the path is lost and has continued to diminish until you are at a standstill.

Sometimes, the answer is to stop. turn around. find a new path.

You must find a new path that revives the passion and excitement for the journey. This is not easy! How do you really know, without a doubt, that an obstacle is truly impassable? How do you really know that the correct answer is to quit and save your energy for the journey back? It may take time to come to this answer, and once you realize it, you must now return back from where you came - passing over many of the same obstacles you have already faced. The thing is, you now know that you can make the passage. This experience gives you power and confidence - power and confidence you will soon need once you find the detour that now holds many unknown obstacles and barriers.

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