Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something to Think About

The WOD for the CrossFit Central ".com" class yesterday was 7 sets of 1 rep of deadlift.(watch this great deadlift video intro. by Coach Glassman). I was excited to deadlift heavy again! It had been a long time since my last max effort one rep. During the class, I watched others perform their intense, methodical pre-lift rituals, and I felt inspired to blog about the deadlift itself and all of it's finer details that make the movement special.

There is something primal about picking up heavy stuff....and, if it's heavy enough, grunting and yelling while doing so. It takes us back to a time when we were absolutely dependant on our own strength rather than hydraulic jacks, ropes and pulleys, or ramps. If we wanted to move it, we had to be able to pick it up. This primal self-reliance has a powerful and potent result on not only the body, but more importantly, the mind.

We all know that when the deadlift is performed correctly, it is one of the most beneficial exercises we have. What many of don't know is the benefit the lift offers for us mentally. That is today's topic.

Think back to your most memorable deadlift effort. Remember the quiet nervousness as you stepped up to the barbell? Remember the rush you got when you felt the barbell slightly bow as you initiated your pull and the plates slowly lifted off the floor? Do you remember mentally battling with yourself during the long, slow repetition, wondering, "is this weight too much", or "maybe I should quit"? BUT you did NOT quit! You continued to work through the uncertainty and discomfort, and, ultimately, you stood tall with weight in hand. At the time, you probably didn't recognize all of the "inner-workings" of that lift. You most likely didn't realize how important it was for you to fight through that lift. It was a stepping stone on the path to self-improvement and self-empowerment. Congratulations!

On the surface, the deadlift seems simple, right? "Stand up with the weight". But now that we have reviewed all of the lift's underlying complexities, I challenge you to make a comparison between the deadlift and your life. This may be a stretch for some of you to comprehend, but for those of you that live CrossFit like I do, you know what I am getting at. Life is uncertain and, at times, uncomfortable. But the desire to complete the task at hand must outweigh the feelings of doubt and discomfort.

I bet you never knew how important deadlifting was!

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