Friday, September 25, 2009


Progress Equals Happiness. I'm sure we can all agree on that. Now, here are the questions I pose to anyone reading this:

"Are you progressing towards your goals?"

"Are you truly happy with where you're at?"

These goals may range from increasing motivation and drive at the workplace, to improving performance during workouts, to being able to enjoy time with family and friends thanks to a new-found energy and enthusiasm. If you had to take a second to think about your response, chances are you're at a stand-still. Now, for the BIG question:

"What are you willing to do to progress and ultimately reach your goals?"

In an effort to continue my personal and professional progress while helping others reach their goals, I am offering my services as a quality, knowledgeable, enthusiastic Level 2 CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer to anyone looking to make progress. It is my personal belief that a quality exercise program(i.e. CrossFit) is a powerful and effective tool you can implement into your life to initiate change and progress, which as we now know, equals HAPPINESS!

So, spread the word!!!
Talk to your family members, friends, and co-workers. Create a group with one or two others, and make a commitment to yourself and to those in your group to progress!
Be ready to:

1. Be held accountable for your success.
2. Be empowered by an increased physical and mental strength.
3. Walk away from each session with useful, effective knowledge of proper nutrition and overall fitness.
4. Work hard for it!

This will not be easy. Remember, all good things require hard work. BUT, if you are ready to make progress in your life and achieve your goals, I look forward to the opportunity to assist your efforts.

Training prices for a Group of 3(more bang for your buck!) are as follows:
  • 4sessions/week - $35/person/week
  • 3sessions/week - $40/person/week
  • 2sessions/week - $45/person/week
  • 1session/week - $50/person/week
1-on-1 sessions and 2 person group trainings are also available.
Please contact me with any questions.


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