Monday, September 14, 2009

Gettin' Better

FYI...This will be my first blog post EVER! So we will see how this turns out. 3...2...1...GO!

I have been incorporated in the CrossFit Central environment for 2 weeks now, and all I can say is WOW! On a daily basis I find myself impressed by those of you that make-up the CFC community - coaches, staff, and athletes. The CFC coaches that I have worked with so far are simply put, gifted. Each time I'm around to shadow, I pick up something new that will ultimately make my coaching that much stronger...when the time comes. The CFC staff is constantly moving and staying busy, which I find to be a great sign for CFC as a company. If they are constantly busy, good things must be happening! And finally, the athletes. It has been my experience that crossfitters are always an intense, passionate, and driven group, and I have not been disappointed by the CFC athletes. The effort put forth motivates me as a coach to step up my game to continually challenge all of you fire-breathers!

As my first personal challenge, I am working towards becoming "bigger". This is not to say I want to gain mass, but rather, a larger persona. I have always been a fairly reserved individual, even more so prior to becoming a CrossFit coach nearly 3 years ago. This is a weakness of mine that I consciously have to work at to improve. Anyone that has stepped foot inside CFC would agree that it is hard not to notice the "BIG" personalities of all the CFC coaches - this is what I am going for. CrossFit always has a funny way of spotlighting an individual's weaknesses...It is up to the individual to either strive for self-improvement, or simply be "OK" with a known weakness.

So here's to getting better every day!


  1. now, tell me how you got that photo of yours to center?? cause I can't seem to get that figured out....

  2. Thanks, Lisa!
    I think it was all pre-set from the template that I switched to...That is a complete stab in the dark though.

  3. Actually...if you are talking about how my name is centered in my picture you have go to the layout page and set the picture to show behind the blog title.