Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get STRONG....

The next session of the STRICTLY STRENGTH PROJECT is about to go down!  The first day will be September 3rd.  If you're ready to advance yourself as an "Rx'd CrossFitter"....If you're ready to move weight that you've never moved before....If you're ready to find a new confidence and badass attitude when lifting, this is where you have to start!!!  Are YOU ready?
For those that have already experienced the PROJECT, you now have a new STRICTLY STRENGTH CLASS option!  Starting in September, there is a Monday/Wednesday 530-630am slot.  This comes in addition to the original Tuesday/Thursday 700-800am class.  Just one more way to get SILLY STRONG!!!  

If you have any questions regarding the PROJECT or the SSClass, please contact me ASAP, as slots will fill up quickly.

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