Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Over the last 8 weeks I have had the pleasure to coach 9 individuals that accepted the "I AM CROSSFIT" challenge to improve every aspect of their lives through the method of nutrition and fitness. Each and every person on my team did an amazing job remaining focused on the goals they set for themselves. I was truly impressed and inspired by the efforts and results these awesome individuals accomplished is such a short period of time - in the fitness realm, 8 weeks is not a lot of time- but these people crushed it! Here are their results:

  • Atticus Rowe lost 19.2lbs, lost 11.5%BF, lost 12.25in./gained .25in., decreased WOD2 time!

  • James Knight lost 11.0lbs, lost 2.4%BF, lost5.5in., decreased WOD2 time!

  • Fred Flores lost 0.5lbs, lost 5.2%BF, lost 1.75in./gained 1.00in., decreased WOD2 time!

  • Greg Latson lost 10.6lbs, lost 3.5%BF, lost 7.5in./gained .25in.!

  • Cameron Lord lost 6lbs, lost 5.9%BF, lost 4.5in./gained 2.25in., decreased WOD2 time!

  • Jessica Estrada lost 3.8lbs, lost3.2%BF, lost3.5in./gained .25in., decreased WOD2 time!

  • Sonia Honne lost 9lbs, lost 4.4%BF, lost 10.75in., decreased WOD2 time!

  • Karen Pierce lost 4.2lbs, lost 3.1%BF, lost 5in., decreased WOD2 time!

  • Jennifer Buckley lost 8lbs, lost 5%BF, lost 8in., decreased WOD2 time!

Congratulations to you all for the extraordinary success you have achieved. Now you all have MOMENTUM and PURPOSE to continue this lifestyle...make it happen! Give yourselves this gift! Thank you for your dedication.

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