Sunday, March 7, 2010


This Saturday was the "I AM CROSSFIT - E.P.O.C." workout finale. It was an electric environment for 4 hours straight!!! Everyone was fired up to show what changes they have made in their lives and performance capacities...the performances and efforts did not disappoint.
Everyone that I had the pleasure to coach during the finale was awesome. I demanded a lot from everyone, and every person stepped up to the challenge! Once every "I AM'er" hit the WOD, the coaches got their chance to show how they had improved over the past 8 weeks. This was the result of the STORM.

I am absolutely confident, given the studs that hit this with me and the result...and my own personal energy, that I am ready for CST sectionals! Bring on the HARD ROUTINE!!!


  1. Dude! That is what I am talking about! Glad to see you found your inner bad ass again. Can't wait to get to workout together in a couple of weeks. Go get Sectionals this weekend! Great stuff man!

  2. embrace the challenge,and enjoy yourself first and foremost and you should excel! you are ready for sectionals...