Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank You.

Saturday was CrossFit Central's Benchmark challenge. The WOD? "Fran".

I'm sure that we all know about "Fran"- she has a nasty reputation in the CrossFit world. For those of you that have not had the pleasure of meeting "Fran" yet, she is a wicked WOD comprised of 21-15-9 reps of a 95# thrusters(front squat to press) and pullups.(Check out this video of the world's fastest "Fran"!) It's a workout that requires the athlete to turn off that internal voice that screams, "STOP! This is too hard!", and instead, just GO!
After watching all of the CC athletes hit "Fran", some of the coaches decided that they wanted in on the action....I was NOT one of them. Although I knew I should just do it, I was perfectly comfortable sipping on my Starbucks americano and watching. It took some vigorous persuasion(peer pressure) from some of the other CC coaches and one CC member in particular, Jeff Blaylock, to get me to jump in. The result....a 3.02 "Fran".
This was not a PR for me, but I took some important things away from the experience that I wanted to share with you all -- even coaches need coaching and motivating at times. I had no desire to perform that WOD, but thanks to my fellow coaches and Jeff, I was able to put a solid effort in that I was proud of for several reasons. So thank you to everyone for that extra push, and Congrats to all of the athletes that took part in this weekend's challenge!


  1. Glad my little push got you going. You would have been content to sip your coffee until you heard the words 3-2-1-GO, then you would've been kicking yourself for not getting in there with your fellow coaches. A really solid showing -- and now you're lined up nicely for a PR in 5 weeks. It's a pleasure training with you, jb

  2. You're right. I would've definitley had some regrets. Anyway, thanks again for the encouragement. I look forward to giving it another go with everyone else!