Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Over the weekend I saw an inspirational video posted by Zach Even Esh. The video features a young man, Joe R., performing some pretty legit stuff using only bodyweight exercises and sandbag work - all of which he knocks out in his bedroom!!!
As I read through the comments, I saw Zach's response to a earlier comment that put all this "fitness stuff" back in to perspective for me.

Matt - "Zach, you must be so proud. You have inspired this kid to be who he is."

Zach - "Matt, Joe used to call my gym asking for workout tips, he was stressed out living at his new school and dove into the training to toughen his mind, looks like he transformed himself in to a totally new person. I'm honored beyond words!"

Like I said, this video and that response set me back on the right track. I am constantly striving for PRs and remarkable performances, and when that doesn't happen I am disgusted with the shabby effort. This video reminds me that what I do...What you all for a bigger purpose than PRs. It's about toughness. It's about self respect. It's about doing something that most don't. This young man busts his ass in his basement because he loves what training IS. We could all take a lesson from Joe, and rediscover the true purpose of CrossFit(and other styles) in our lives.


  1. Great post Travis! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thnx, Travis! Joe would call the gym, this nervous kid, asking me for workout tips, he told me he weighed 120 lbs and was embarrassed by how skinny he was.

    He kept asking me about these fancy routines he was finding in magazines, I told him to get REALLY good at pull ups, hands stand push ups and the clean and press.

    The Dude is freakin' seriously legit now!!!

  3. Aaron - we all need it sometimes.

    Zach - This was just an awesome story that I felt needed to be shared! I am so impressed with the positive influence you have on so many!!! Keep up the solid work brotha! I'm lovin' it!!!