Thursday, November 18, 2010


Some of you may have already seen the latest SICFIT production starring yours truly, entitled, "Lead From the Front".  The idea for the video came about one day after a CC staff meeting where the topic of discussion was "purpose".  This is to say, what is your life's purpose?  For many this is an extremely difficult question to answer, and it's made more difficult when you have to "get real" with yourself on such a deep level, and ask the tough questions.  For me, it was not too painful.  I guess I am lucky in the regard that my discovery and immersion into CrossFit and the CrossFit community and lifestyle has always given me the feeling like I was home.  Work has never really felt like work to me, at least not in respect to how it was described to me when I was younger.  Sure.  I have days that I struggle with, but it is truly amazing to know that when I get to the gym to train a class, small group, or individual, that my day is about to become phenomenal!
This is why I felt it necessary to show my appreciation for what I do, and more importantly, what you all, as clients, do for me each and every day! 
I want to dedicate this video to all of you that bust your ass for me simply because I ask you to...To those of you that trust me to take you and your life to a higher place!
Thank you! 
A special "Thanks" goes out to Elliot Schrock.


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