Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here's what y'all have been waiting for....

The end of the first session of STRICTLY STRENGTH in near.  We have one more week of heavy lifting and I am expecting to hand out PR's to everyone!!!  In fact, the majority of the 15 individuals that signed up for the first session have already set new PR's in at least one of their lifts, and some have actually set new PR's in several different lifts!!!  Keep in mind that these performance jumps have come from training just once each week for 8 weeks, AND we haven't even completed the final test - the CrossFit Total!  Crazy Gains!!! 

If the results above aren't enough...the "original 15" now have a great understanding of the intricacies of the heavy lifts, as well as a new-found confidence to step up to BIG weight and not waiver when it's go time!  Sounds pretty good, right?

I have had a waiting list for several weeks now, and many of the "original 15" are returning for more, which means that spots for new members are at a premium!!!  If you are looking to make big gains in your overall strength, you need to take action NOW!!!  

I am opening 8 slots for the second session of STRICTLY STRENGTH.
The next session begins Monday, October 18th.  
All of the program details can be found HERE.
Once you've read through the program details, send me an email showing your interest.  Be sure to include the days and times that work best for you(no promises you'll get it), as well as if you already have a group of 3.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!